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Refund requests in LATAM due to Right to Retract in Chile


We inform you that customers with tickets issued at a travel agency in Chile may request the refund of their purchase in LATAM due to the Right to Retract in Chile. Therefore, they will no longer be managed through the auto-discount via GDS. 


Refund requests due to the Right to Retract in Chile

Date of Implementation:



The customer can submit the request through the form available in the Help Center at or by calling the Contact Center.


Entry of Request via latamairlines:

The customert can make a request at the site (Chilean home) selecting Centro de Ayuda > Crear un caso > Quiero hacer una solicitud under the category > Devolución de pasaje por retracto. LATAM receives the request as long as the ticket meets the conditions.

Entry of request via the Contact Center or CTO:

The customer contacts LATAM and a sales agent will validate that the ticket meets the conditions to be eligible for rescission and will then manage the refund through the Agency Support team.

Refund of the purchase:

If the ticket was paid by credit card, it will be refunded to the credit card

If the ticket was paid with another form of payment or cash, the payment will be managed through the BSP and according to the BSP terms.

Customers should contact the agency to check the status of the refund.

We remind you that the conditions to opt for the Right to Retract in Chile are available here.




Tickets Modifications > Commercial Exceptions > 6. Rescission and Endorsement in Chile