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ANCILLARIES - Advance Sale of Special Baggage


As of September 6, 2021, special baggage pre-sale has been implemented for tickets purchased on or after September 6, 2021.


This product is available at all LATAM sales channels and can be purchased during the ticket purchase process or later, until check-in is closed.


For further details, seeConsiderations”.


Ancillaries - Baggage sales

Implementation date:

September 06, 2021


The new ancillary is available for purchase under the following conditions:


  • The new ancillary code is 0K6 and it will be identified in our systems as SPORTING EQUIPMENT UP TO 45KG.
  • Available for all fares, regardless of the bundle.
  • Not available for infant passengers, unless a CHD fare is purchased.
  • Sales will be available until the check-in closing time.
  • Available only on flights issued and operated by LATAM.
  • The rules for change and refund will be the same as the ones for the ticket and must be made simultaneously with the ticket change. Changes or refunds of the ancillary alone are not permitted.
  • Sold by origin-destination, in the same manner as the checked baggage product sold today.
  • Available for domestic and international routes.




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