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CODESHARE - New bilateral codeshare agreement between LATAM and Delta Air Lines

This is to inform that LATAM (LA) and Delta Air Lines (DL) have established a bilateral codeshare agreement for flights operating as from March 15, 2020.


Sales will open for LA* marketed flights operated by DL on domestic US routes, connecting with LATAM long-haul segments out of New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX) and Orlando (MCO). 


LA* marketed flights

The following flight ranges will be available for LATAM marketed flights operated by DL. These flights will be implemented gradually.




Marketing LA*/operating DL



Marketing LA*/operating DL



Marketing LA*/operating DL



Marketing LA*/operating DL



General information of this operator:

Delta Air Lines (DL) is a US-based commercial airline, located in Atlanta, Georgia, with a network of more than 300 destinations around the world.

Start date of operation

Codeshare flights are available for sale, connecting with Long Haul segments out of Ecuador for travel as from March 15, 2020, and connecting with Long Haul segments out of Peru for travel as from March 29, 2020. 


Flights connecting with Long Haul segments from other countries will be added gradually.

Type of agreement

Free sale and bilateral sale (both companies may issue)

Ticketing stock

045, 035, 544, 462, 469, 957, 692

Services available on LA* flights

Special passengers:


Pregnant passengers:

No travel restrictions / No medical certificate required.

Note: If the journey has been scheduled beyond the eighth month of pregnancy, the passenger should see a physician to ensure she is physically fit for travel.


Wheelchairs (WCHR, WCHS and WCHC):


Available on codeshare flights except medical cases or non-ambulatory passengers, whose reservation must be booked directly with the operator.


Special services: 

Special services must be handled directly on the operating flight.

Baggage policy

For interline travel with origin or ultimate destination in USA or CANADA, carriers will apply a single set of baggage rules (allowance, excess fees, etc.) for the ENTIRE itinerary, regardless of any stopovers.

The marketing carrier identified on the first flight coupon (Selecting Carrier) can select the baggage allowance rules that will apply to the ENTIRE interline itinerary between these two options:

a) Its own baggage rules; or,

b) The rules of the Most Significant Carrier (MSC), pursuant to the methodology of IATA Resolution 302.


The option chosen will be automatically reflected in the ticket. The sales agent can see this information during pricing, before saving the PQ.

Baggage information (checked baggage allowance, excess fees, carry-on baggage, etc.) must be loaded in the fares published by each company.


Ancillaries with EMD-A (not available on codeshare operation)

Other Considerations

LATAM Airlines Brazil has signed a codeshare agreement with Delta that will come into effect during the first half of 2020, subject to regulatory approval. LATAM Airlines Brazil’s ‘LA’ code will be added to Delta flights from New York (JFK), Miami, Boston and Orlando to onward destinations in the United States and Canada. Likewise, Delta’s ‘DL’ code will be added to LATAM Airlines Brazil flights connecting in São Paulo, Brazil.


Additionally, Delta will sell Marketing DL* flights operated by LATAM on domestic Peru, Ecuador and Colombia routes to connect with its long-haul flights to those countries.


We are working to enable cross-seat allocation, for the moment the allocation of seats will only be given at check-in.


Customers may check-in on LATAM marketed flights operated by Delta Air Lines through Delta’s website using the operator’s reservation code within 24 hours from scheduled departure. In case of LATAM tickets issued with LA* flights connecting with 100% DL flights (PNR without LATAM operated flights), the DL PNR must be retrieved from the second segment in the reservation.

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