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GROUPS - Updated exceptions for unused Group reservations



The flexibility period for unused flight reservations has been extended through June 30th 2021.


Group reservations

Implementation Date:



Unused flight reservations through June 30th 2021 (completed flight)

  • A sole modification may be made free of charge to: 
    • The travel date without refunding the prepayment/deposit (for those countries that work with prepayment and it is in the non-refundable period), without reimbursing the full amount (in the event it was already generated);
    • Without penalty for a country that does not work with prepayment (in the event it is in the penalty period).
  • These funds can be used to create a new reservation without a penalty charge or rate change (for the same point of departure-destination and cabin) only if the flight is before June 30th 2021 (completed flight). 
  • If the decision is made to change to fly after this date there will be a fee subject to rate differences as long as the change is requested prior to June 30th.
  • When the new reservation is issued, the entire deposit will be refunded. If the reservation is terminated, it will be charged 100% as a penalty fee.
  • For a country that works with prepayment, the new final flight date cannot be after the EMD expiration payment date of the prepayment (12 months from issue)

For more information and/or requesting the respective changes, contact your LATAM Airlines sales executive or support team.