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AGREEMENTS - Air Italy (IG) suspends operations


Applicable to:

All sales channels


Due to Air Italy’s service suspension as from February 26, 2020, passengers with a LATAM ticket containing Air Italy (IG) segments will be eligible for a commercial exception.

The suspension of operations also implies that the codeshare agreement between LATAM and Air Italy is terminated.

Applicable to:

Passengers with LATAM tickets containing segments operated by Air Italy (IG) as from February 26, 2020.

Implementation date:



LATAM ticket holders will be protected through LATAM’s central systems.

Passengers contacting LATAM proactively may opt for ONE of the following alternatives:

  1. Change of date/rerouting without penalty subject to cabin availability (without fare differences) on flights operated by LATAM or its interline partners to bring the travel date forward up to 7 days or postpone it up to 15 days after the original date. Outside these time limits, changes are permitted without penalty but subject to applicable fare differences. 

2.            Change of destination without penalty, subject to applicable fare differences and ticket validity for travel on LATAM or its interline partners. 

When reissuing, insert the following note in the Endorsements/Restrictions box: INVOL CHG DUE IG CNLD


When looking for a protecting flight, stick to the search criterion: LATAM Flights > Flights on airline partners.

In both cases (change of date or destination) search for a protecting flight in the same class. If class is not available, in the lowest class available.


3.                  Involuntary Refund without penalty of all unused coupons and associated ancillaries. insert the note: INVOL REF DUE IG CANCEL