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Changes of domestic and international operation in Argentina

Update to exceptions for passengers holding international tickets to/from Argentina.



Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LATAM Airlines Argentina and the difficulties encountered to reach the agreements necessary for securing and sustaining the long-term operation of our affiliate, LATAM Airlines has decided to cease its domestic operations in Argentina. 

At present, domestic and international operations in Argentina have been suspended until August 31, 2020. After that date, all domestic flights within AR will no longer be available. Regarding international operation, LATAM will continue operating through its other subsidiaries from/to Argentina with other direct flight alternatives or connections via Santiago, Sao Paulo or Lima depending on the route (see Considerations). 



Passengers traveling on domestic and international routes in Argentina with tickets issued LATAM plates. 

Implementation Date:

All domestic flights Argentina from September 1 onwards they will be cancelled as from June 22, 2020. 

International flights to/from Argentina from September 1 onwards will be affected by schedule changes and cancellations in the next few days.



Reservations containing domestic AR flights will be cancelled and will not be assigned a protecting flight alternative. Therefore, the following options will apply:

I. Tickets 100% domestic flights Argentina:



Customers with cancelled flights on the domestic AR network (including international itineraries with AR domestic connections) will be eligible for a refund of the ticket and associated ancillaries without penalty.


Travel agents may request the refund according to the procedure established on each country. In case of reimbursements of tickets with 100% domestic AR flights paid by credit card, the refund of the due amounts will be processed within a maximum period of 30 to 45 days from today*.  


All other refund cases, will be submitted to the standard processes, free of penalty and subject to the provisions established in each country.


(*) The payment reflected in the client's account statement may vary depending on the bank or credit card company.



 II. International tickets with domestic flights connection in AR or international tickets to/from AR: 

The entire international operation to/from Argentina is being reorganized, so itinerary changes and flight cancellations may be expected. In these cases, affected passengers may apply for the flexibilities established in response to Coronavirus. 

Additionally, passengers affected by  route cancellations with a ticket issued from/to any airport in Argentina, may make a change without paying a penalty or fare difference to leave or arrive from the EZE airport as long as the international airport of origin/destination remains unchanged. This change allows booking a new date, flight or rerouting as long as the departure or arrival from Argentina and the original airport (destination or origin) remains unchanged.


Ex .: COR AEP EZE MIA may be exchanged for:

a) COR x / SCL MIA

b) EZE x / LIM MIA


Ex .: MIA LIM TUC may be changed by:

a) MIA x / SCL EZE

b) MIA x / LIM EZE

The reissue applies as involuntary and must enter in the Endorsements: EZECOVID19.

If the passenger wants a complete change of airport of origin/destination (eg: COR x / SCL LIM by EZE GRU), the change can be done, without a penalty but subject to the applicable fare differences.

The reissue of tickets stock 469, must be made on ticket stock 045. 



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