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RESERVATIONS - Creating reservations with the same name as the travel document



To comply with the immigration documentation requirements when entering the United States and avoid fines for erroneous information at check-in, we inform and reinforce some points to consider.


Creating reservations without errors will allow the passenger to check in without inconvenience.


Applies for the creation of reservations in any market.


Important: a new tool in Sabre will be activated during December in the Ecuador market that will make an additional documentation review (passport, visa, ESTA and / or Green Card) at the time of check-in. This tool does not change the sales channel processes and will be gradually implemented to other markets.

Implementation date:



Booking Considerations


  • When issuing a ticket, the reservation must have the name EQUAL to the entry document to the United States. This will reduce the amount of errors in Check In and avoid fines from the US authority.
  • For passengers who have more than one travel document, it is important that the reservation has the name that appears on the document that you will use to enter the United States.
  • The use of courtesy titles in the creation of reservations is eliminated. Only the exception of use of courtesy title will be maintained for cases of passengers who have only one name.
  • A note will be added to the purchase process at indicating how to enter the information correctly.
  • An informational campaign will be launched to make customers aware of these consideraciones.


Considerations for Check In

  • In the event that the passenger checks in via, it must be informed that you fill in the fields just as they are in the entry document to the USA.
  • The US authority takes as reference the information entered in the SR DOCS compared to the entry document to the United States. Due to this, it is essential that when checking in the correct information is added and / or corrected in the SR DOCS according to the travel document.



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