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Wrong cancellations in domestic and regional route flights in Peru

Due to a modification made to the systems that support the publication process, certain flights were canceled by mistake from March 28 to October 24, 2020 on the DOM and REG PE route, these flights are still operative and are being centrally reinstated by LATAM for all reservations (will operate with different flight numbers but the schedule will be maintained).

Scope: Tickets issued until January 19, 2020


In the event that a passenger is proactively contacted and the reservation has not yet been worked, the agent can rebook the original flight subject to the cabin. The reissuance will be made as involuntary by entering the following standard message in the field Endorsements INVOL DUE REROUTING PE.

Remember that ancillaries and associated special services must be rebooked and re-associated to the active flights, according to the standard process.