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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Reservation management


We remind all travel agents that in case of flight changes or cancellations, in which a passenger's travel schedule is INVOLUNTARY affected, you may apply the Passenger Protection Policy.


To access this policy must occur:


  • Flight cancellations.
  • Non-compliance with itinerary according to departure of flight operations. Only applicable for:
    • Flights departing 16 minutes earlier or more.
    • Flights delayed by 31 minutes or more.
  • Non-compliance with final destination or stopovers.
  • Involuntarily missed connections.
  • Involuntary changes caused by other airlines.
  • Cabin downgrades due to equipment change

The criteria used by LATAM for protections involves seeking flight alternatives closer to the original departure.


LATAM provides the passenger with a travel option and, when he/she does not agree with the alternative offered, he/she may choose ONE of the following options only once:


  • CHANGE OF DATE / FLIGHT OR REROUTING (without penalty)
  • CHANGE OF ORIGIN/DESTINATION (no penalty and paying applicable fare differences according to availability at the time of change).
  • REFUND (no penalty, applies to all unused ticket coupons and unused ancillaries always and when requested at the same time as the airline ticket refund).

Waiver application:


Protection in another airline, without penalty and charging a fare difference in the same cabin, will only be allowed when the fare issued is applicable with the protection airline (according to the Flight Application). If the original class is not available, remember to contact your Executive Services Agent (in Brazil, contact the information cell) to request protection waiver.