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Passenger Protection - Protection for second affected ticket


In an effort to provide greater flexibility to customers with two LATAM tickets and one of them is reprogrammed due to a contingency with a resulting effect on the second ticket, we are extending the possibility of protecting the second affected ticket


Connecting tickets affected by rescheduling or cancellation of flights

Implementation date:



  • Not applicable for crossover tickets (away flight is one ticket and the return flight is 2nd affected ticket).
  • Passenger must provide the information for the second ticket.
  • Tickets can be in separate PNRs.
  • Applicable for two (2) separate LATAM tickets as long as connecting time is less than 24 hours and the original flights have complied with the minimum connection time when they were issued.
  • Date/Flight changes or Rerouting (in accordance with deadlines established in policy), change of destination or reimbursement for both tickets in accordance with the following:



1st LATAM ticket

2nd LATAM ticket


Connecting itinerary

LATAM Flight

LATAM Flight

Subject to cabin

LATAM Flight

Flights on other airlines

Subject to class


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