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ROUTES - Cancellation of the Bogota (BOG) ⇄ Guayaquil (GYE) Route

Due to commercial requirements, the suspension previously announced for the Bogotá (BOG), Colombia Guayaquil (GYE), Ecuador route has been extended. Flights have been closed to sales but flight alternatives operated by LATAM are available. Reopening is planned for August 2022

Canceled flights:

As part of LATAM’s route adjustment plan, we inform that a protection process has been opened for customers traveling on the BOG ⇄ GYE route, with flights until August 2022.


Regional Route


  • LA4363 (BOG ⇄ GYE)
  • LA4362 (GYE ⇄ BOG)


Proposed protection:

Alternative flight via LIM (GYE LIM - LIM BOG) operated by LATAM or endorsed to Avianca (AV)

Reservation management:

Protection will be subject to the original cabin in the lowest available class.


Tickets will be reissued as involuntary and will retain the original fare basis and fare construction.


Priority must be given to protection flights operated by LATAM.


  • Protection offered: GYE LIM - LIM BOG.

In case flights are not available on LATAM, passengers may be re-accommodated on flights operated by AVIANCA (AV).


When protecting on AVIANCA (AV), insert the following OSI:



Enter in Ticket Endorsements on reissue:

  • LA Flights: INVOL REROUTE (flight)(date) CNLD
  • AV Flights: SKCHG LA CNLD


On protected flights operated by LATAM, ancillaries will have the same treatment as tickets.


On protected flights operated by AVIANCA, ancillaries will be subject to involuntary refund, as ancillary services cannot be offered on other airlines.


If the classes to be protected are not available on Avianca (AV), or if the customer is not satisfied with the new itinerary alternative, they may apply for the current protection options offered under Travel Solutions for Passengers with Affected Flights.