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GROUPS - Issuance of groups, series & negospace from May 1


From May 1st, when a LATAM group or serie is issued in GDS, a new concept will appear, called surcharge, which will be shown as a tax YR. This surcharge will be exempted for all groups, series and negospace requested by travel agencies


Issuance of tickets for Groups, Series and Negospace

Implementation date:

From May 1, 2023.


To issue, the travel agent will use the fare basis and current rate found on the website in accordance with the already established procedure.


On the day of issuance, after having generated the manual mask according to the instructions found under the "ticketing instructions" module of the web, the current taxes of the day will be calculated in GDS.


Once you have the complete mask, with the rate, farebasis, tour code and taxes, the next step is to eliminate the value that appears as the YR tax to proceed with the issuance. Once that concept is eliminated, issue your tickets normally. Any other rate or fee manipulation at the time of issuance will be subject to ADM.


You can find more information in the "Groups > Ticketing" section of LATAM Trade.


Groups > Ticketing