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SPECIAL PASSENGERS - Acceptance of guide dogs (SVAN) during their training phase

LATAM Airlines Brazil allows the carriage of service dogs (SVAN) during their training phase.


Guide dogs under training shall be accepted for travel in the cabin if accompanied by the family responsible or the trainer, subject to the presentation of certified documentation. This option is in addition to the current service dog acceptance criteria for passengers with disabilities or suffering from compromised balance, diabetes or epilepsy.


Flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brazil

Implementation date:



Current conditions for the carriage of SVAN remain unchanged. Here is a brief reminder:


-       Dogs must carry an official identification or document certifying its status as assistance dog or under training.

-       There are no restrictions to the number of guide dogs permitted on board. However, guide dogs must comply with all sanitary requirements established by the country of destination and/or stopovers and present all applicable certified documentation.

-       Always prefer booking the reservation on flights operated by LATAM Brazil.

-       As an exception, on BR domestic flights, service dogs must carry an updated vaccination card. For international flights originating in BR, service dogs must carry an updated vaccination card and the International Animal Health Certificate.




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