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Sales | ADM Policy

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    The information contained in these documents is provided by the Airline named and for the benefit of BSPLink users. IATA accepts no liability for any misrepresentation contained in these documents the accuracy of the content and/or the use of the information contained in the document.

    As guidance to travel agents on ADM resolution, the following policies should be followed:

    • LATAM ADM policies are based on IATA resolution 850m and IATA resolution 890 for charge back issues.
    • LATAM will issue ADM whenever an agent fails to follow fare rules, breaches a contract or makes ticketing mistakes, but not limited to; fare rules, booking policies, ticketing, reissues, refunds, tax calculation, mandatory fields, over commission, tax omission, penalties, unreported sales and charge backs.
    • LATAM reserves the right to include administrative fees associated with the issuance of ADM. The fee is not refundable
    • The minimum ADM amount established is 5 USD or its equivalent in the local currency, subject to adjustment due recurring irregularities.
    • ADM generated when not adhering to fare rules should be calculated between the difference of the issued fare and the published applicable fare at the time of ticketing for the class used or the next higher applicable fare.
    • Requests to review ADMs of sales made as of January 1, 2019 in United States, must be channeled via memo manager ARC. If the tour code exists but has not been entered or has been entered with errors. The ADM and the tour code provided by LATAM must be provided. LATAM will verify whether the tour code was created appropriately (date of business creation, correct route, etc.). In case the Agency has failed to enter this number or has entered it erroneously, the ADM will be reduced by 85% and the agent will have to pay 15% without appeal. If the 15% is less than USD 5.00, the minimum charge will be USD 5.00. All Tour Codes provided by LATAM are entered in the reservation by means of a Remark QQ that contains the business number.
    • ADM originated by not meeting policies, mandatory fields, commission levels, taxes, and penalties, should be issued in the equivalent amount not collected at the time of ticket issuance.
    • ADM will be uploaded into BSP Link, ARC`s Memo Manager or communicated by e-mail, according to the tools available in each market.

    When disputing an ADM the following requirements must be taken into consideration:

    • Disputes and appeals will be conducted via the tools available to the company in each market, BSP LINK (where available) or Memo Manager and email or any other available way.
    • Timing associated with issuance and disputes of ADMs are indicated in IATA resolutions mentioned above. LATAM accepts to review a paid ADM if the request is done within 60 days of issuance. Outside of the 60 days no reviews will be accepted.
    • Disputes must be addressed and submitted with detailed information including supporting documentation.
    • LATAM reserves the right to inhibit booking and/or ticketing ability in case of unpaid ADMs. 

    This policy applies to all markets, except sales made in Brazil. The policy of penalties for irregularities (AL / ADM) of Brazil is available in the Brazil version of LATAM Trade.

    The following amounts of administrative fee apply to ADMs generated in certain countries, according to the following:

    Administrative fees in local currency that apply for ADMs generated in the following countries of the American continent:

    Point of Sale (POS)

    Administrative fees in local currency

    Bolivia (BO)

    170 BOB / 25 USD

    Costa Rica (CR)

    12.000 CRC

    Mexico (MX)

    300 MXN

    Peru (PE)

    25 USD

    Uruguay (UY)

    25 USD


    Administrative fees in local currency that apply for ADMs generated in the following countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa:

    Point of Sale (POS)

    Administrative fees in local currency

    United Arab Emirates (AE)

    100 AED

    Austria (AT)

    20 EUR

    Belgium (BE)

    20 EUR

    Bulgaria (BG)

    40 BGN

    Bahrain (BH)

    10 BHD

    Cyprus (CY)

    20 EUR

    Czech Republic (CZ)

    500 CZK

    Switzerland (CH)

    25 CHF

    Germany (DE)

    10 EUR

    Denmark (DK)

    150 DKK

    Estonia (EE)

    20 EUR

    Egypt (EG)

    180 EGP

    Spain (ES)

    20 EUR

    Finland (FI)

    20 EUR

    France (FR)


    Great Britain (GB)

    25 GBP

    Greece (GR)

    20 EUR

    Croatia (HR)

    150 HRK

    Hungary (HU)

    6,000 HUF

    Ireland (IE)

    25 EUR

    Israel (IL)

    25 USD

    Iceland (IS)

    3000 ISK

    Italy (IT)

    25 EUR

    Jordan (JO)

    20 JOD

    Lebanon (LB)

    25 USD

    Lithuania (LT)

    20 EUR

    Latvia (LV)

    20 EUR

    The Netherlands (NL)

    20 EUR

    Norway (NO)

    150 NOK

    Oman (OM)

    10 OMR

    Poland (PL)

    80 PLN

    Portugal (PT)

    20 EUR

    Qatar (QA)

    100 QAR

    Romania (RO)

    90 RON

    Russia (RU)

    800 RUB

    Sweden (SE)

    175 SEK

    Slovakia (SK)

    20 EUR

    Turkey (TR)

    50 TRY

    South Africa (ZA)

    250 ZAR


    Administrative fees in local currency that apply for ADMs generated in Asia and Oceania:

    Point of Sale (POS)

    Administrative fees in local currency

    Australia (AU)

    20 AUD

    Philippines (PH)


    Hong-Kong (HK)

    150 HKD

    India (IN)

    1200 INR

    Indonesia (ID-II)

    230 IDR

    Japan (JP)

    2.000 JPY

    South Korea (KR)

    21.000 KRW

    Malaysia (MY)

    60 MYR

    New Zealand (NZ)

    25 NZD

    French Polynesia (PF)

    1700 XPF

    Singapore (SG)

    25 SGD

    Thailand (TH)

    650 THB

    Taiwan (TW)

    600 TWD


    • The administrative fee is not refundable, except when an agency disputes a charge for an error attributable to LATAM.
    • For countries where there is a sales tax (IGV, etc.) the cost of the tax is included in the indicated amount.
    • Data omissions in the issuance of an EMD or ticket that consequently generate ADMs are subject to an administrative fee, even if the amount of the irregularity comes under dispute later. Subsequently this means that even if the ADM is reverted, the administrative fee is still applicable.