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CODESHARE - New bilateral codeshare agreement between LATAM and Azul Airlines in Brazil

This is to inform that LATAM Airlines Brazil (LA) and Azul Linhas Aéreas (AD) will begin codesharing domestic flights in Brazil starting on August 17, 2020.

Tickets are available for sale on LA* marketed flights operated by AD on domestic BR routes.



The following are the flight ranges for flights marketed by LATAM operated by AD: 




Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Marketing LA*/operating AD


Operator overview

Azul Linhas Aéreas is a Brazilian commercial airline based in Alphaville, a city in Barueri, State of Sao Paulo. It currently serves 100 destinations across Brazil

Service to begin on

Tickets are available for travel from August 17, 2020 onwards.

Type of agreement 

Free sale and bilateral sale (both companies issue the ticket)

Ticketing stock

957, 045.

Services available on LA* flights

Special passengers and Special Services must be handled directly on the operating flight.


Exceptionally and only in combined itineraries between LA and LA* (operator by AD), the processing of the medical certification may be carried out by the owner of the issuing ticket stock for the entire itinerary.

Baggage policy

Checked Baggage: The baggage policy of the Most Significant Carrier applies. If the MSC is a codeshare flight, the marketing carrier’s policy applies. This is automatically indicated in the ticket and may be viewed at the time of pricing.


For details, check section Baggage > Interline Baggage.


Carry-On Baggage: The operator’s policy applies. Check Azul website.


Other baggage fees: The operator’s baggage fee policy applies.


Ancillaries with EMD-A are not available on this codeshare operation.

Other considerations:

Reservations on pure AD flights are NOT permitted. In other words, all reservations must be booked on an LA* marketed flight.


In cases that are issued outside of commercial procedures  established, the agencies will be penalized for these irregularities.

LATAM Trade:

Sales > Codeshare.