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Passenger Protection: Change in Passenger Protection Policy

New: The MCO ⇆ MIA path is included in the policies described in this document.


Due to definitive or temporary cancellation of routes, changes apply to the Passenger Protection Policy:


  1. Protection on other airlines for flights affected in commercial window.


      2. Protection alternatives with airport change due to the closure/suspension of specific routes until March 31, 2021.


See Considerations.


Passengers with affected flights due to permanent or temporary route cancellations.

Implementation date:



  1. Protection on other airlines for flights affected in commercial window (flights with more than 48 hours of the current date).


Protection in another airline, without penalty and charging a fare difference in the same cabin, will only be allowed when the fare issued is applicable with the protection airline (according to the Flight Application). If the original class is not available, remember to contact your Executive Services Agent (in Brazil, contact the information cell) to request protection waiver.


If the requested airline does not apply to the purchased fare, another applicable airline must be used or the change must be made without penalty, but subject to the fare differences charged by that airline. Please note that off-line issuing is not permitted (see the chapter on ticketing) on LATAM plates, i.e. LATAM must participate in the itinerary.


The protection policy in the operational window (flights within 48 hours of the current day) remains unchanged, maintaining current rules described in LATAM Trade.


       2.  Protection alternatives with change of airport due to closure/suspension of specific routes until March 2021.


·         Applicable (one time only) without payment of penalty and/or fare difference. Reissue will be done as involuntary, without waiver request and entering in the Endorsement field: COVID19


·         It applies in cases of permanent or temporary cancellation/closure involving the following destinations:


·         BCN (from 26 September to December 2020)


·         TLV (cancelled until March 2021)


·         HAV (cancelled until March 2021)


·         MBJ (cancelled until March 2021)


          MCO (canceled until January 2021).


·         For these routes, the alternatives of changing airport are::


·         BCN MAD


·         TLV MAD


·         HAV CUN e PUJ


·         MBJ CUN e PUJ


          MCO ⇆ MIA


The option of changing the airport is an additional alternative to those available in the context of Covid (see CONTINGENCES - Solutions for passenger travel with affected flights). Any expenses associated with a change of airport (for example: transfers, hotel, etc.) are the passenger’s sole responsibility.



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