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REFUND - Refund due to DNB

Applicability: All countries except Brazil.

This is to inform that, effective immediately, whenever a customer requests a refund because they were denied boarding due to an oversale situation, the LATAM Sales Support Executive must be contacted to authorize the ticket refund without penalty.

The LATAM Sales Support Executive must verify this is actually a case of denied boarding. If the refund is warranted, s/he will authorize it via waiver.



United States

All other countries

Change the ticket status via GDS and then, process the refund with the backup waiver via ARC.

Contact the LATAM Sales Support Executive, who will enter the corresponding waiver after confirming boarding was denied.

The refund will be processed free of penalty via indirect refund through BSPLink, specifying the waiver folio number provided by the LATAM Sales Support Executive.



The current procedure for Brazil is maintained, i.e. customers contact LATAM directly to request the refund. 

The refund only applies if the ticket is still valid. 

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