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FARES - LATAM adds fare flexibility



LATAM adds flexibility to its fares in order to allow customers who purchase

their tickets until December 31, 2020 to change them free of penalty provided

all other fare regulation requirements are met.


This does not affect the exceptions granted to customers affected by

the COVID-19 scenario.


Tickets issued between October 01 and December 31, 2020

Implementation date:

October 1, 2020


- Applies to all tickets issued between October 01 and December 31, 2020

and reissued during this period.


- Fares allow changes before commencing the trip or once the passenger is

at destination.


- Changes without penalty apply provided the ticket is reissued before the

original departure date. Changes made after the original departure date are

subject to penalties due to No Show.


- Applies to all brands in the public and private fare structure, on both

domestic and international routes.


- All reissues are subject to the current reissue policy. All applicable fare

differences will be charged.


- All fare conditions are available for consultation in Sabre under the ticket

fare regulations.




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