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New checked baggage of 15 kg on domestic route Chile and Ecuador



We inform you that from September 10, 2020, the sale of the new ancillary of checked baggage of 15 kg will begin for flights from September 14, in the domestic market of Chile and Ecuador.


Baggage sale

Implementation Date:

September 10, 2020


  • The sale is limited to 1 individual suitcase per passenger for each leg (one way).
  • It can be purchased up to 6 hours before departure.
  • The size of the suitcase must respect the standard dimension of the baggage: maximum of 158 linear cm (width + length + height).
  • For the domestic Chile the price will be 8,990 CLP and for the domestic Ecuador will be 10.00 USD; however, it should be considered that prices are subject to change, therefore, it is important that travel agents always check the updated value in their distribution systems.
  • It is not offered as part of the baggage allowance.
  • The EMD-A must be issued on the same ticket stock of the original ticket and under the concept:(RFISC) 0C1.


The sale is not available for:

  • Infant passengers.
  • Sale at the airport counter
  • To/From Easter Island (IPC)

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