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SALES - Ticketing Infants Associated to an ADT Passenger


Due to the irregularities detected during the boarding process of infant (INF) reservations and in an effort to enhance the customer’s travel experience before checking in at the airport, a new standard message will be added to the PNR regarding the need to regularize the ticketing or the association of the INF ticket in the reservation.


Remember that the ticketing of INF passengers is mandatory, even in cases of 100% discount (zero cost), as every customer needs to have a ticket in their name in order to board.


Check conditions underConsiderations”.


Ticketing of infant passengers

Date of Implementation:



Points to consider to avoid irregularities:


  • Ticketing of infant passengers with or without a fare charged is mandatory in all markets.
  • All infant passengers must be listed in the same reservation as the adult, i.e., both the ADT and the INF tickets must appear under the same PNR. There cannot be a separate or mirror reservation.
  • When reissuing a reservation that contains INF passengers, agents must ensure they reissue the existing INF TKT. The INF ticket must be associated (available in portuguese and spanish), to the reservation of the responsible adult.

Failure to issue INF tickets causes disruptions in the services offered by the company and creates a negative impact on the customer’s travel experience.


When a PNR is detected with a non-associated or non-ticketed INF ticket , the following warning message will be added to all PNRs found in this situation: UPDATE INF TKT BEFORE CHECK IN. PNR's with this message must be regularized by the sales agents.


In case you need to issue the infant's ticket separately from the adult's ticket, you must consider that:


  • It is mandatory to cancel the reservation generated for the Infant after the association.
  • The infant's ticket must always be issued, since if it is not issued, it generates errors in the automatic processes of the client's trip.




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