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TICKET CHANGES - Procedure to calculate penalties for fares in Brazil added to LATAM Trade

FYI - This is to inform that the “Ticket Modifications” section of LATAM Trade now includes the manner in which the system calculates penalties for changes to tickets originating in Brazil.


In Brazil, all penalties for changes to fares originating in Brazil are published using a fixed amount and a percentage of the fare. The system therefore selects one of the two criteria to define the amount to be charged to trips originating in Brazil (POC - Point of Commencement) both for domestic and international routes. See detailed info under considerations.


All LATAM domestic and international fares originating in Brazil.

Implementation date:

Already available in the different systems.


The system selects the penalty to be charged according to the following:


  1. Between the fixed penalty and the fare percentage, the lower will be charged.
  2. If more than one fare component is changed and the penalties are different, the higher penalty of the components changed will be charged.


See examples


Remember that in order to find the penalty fee in fare regulation, always check fare category 16 only.



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