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SPECIAL SERVICES - Free seat request for Special Passengers


We inform that seats must be assigned free of charge to Special Passengers, and such requests should be made exclusively through Global Sales Support via the support chat available on


Free seats for Special Passenger requests

Date of Implementation:



The process of seat assignment without charges applies to passengers requesting the services listed below:


  • Manual confirmation services:
    : Unaccompanied Minors
    PPOC: Passenger with portable oxygen concentrators
    MEDA: Passengers requiring medical certificate processing
    DPNA: Passengers in need of special assistance

  • Automatic confirmation services:
    : Passenger with a service dog
    BLND: Passenger with visual impairment
    DEAF: Passenger with hearing impairment
    MAAS: Passenger requiring maximum attention

Seats will be marked and allocated in accordance with current definitions and after confirmation of services in the reservation. The document validation process and boarding authorization are handled by internal teams confirming LATAM's special services, and passengers are not required to submit any documents.




  1. Travel agents should contact the local Global Sales Support (GSS) through the support chat on, selecting the Operational Support option.
  2. They should verify the process added to the PNR, ensuring the service is confirmed and aligns with flight confirmations.
  3. The GSS team will make the seat reservation at no cost.


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