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Time limit for Travel Agency seat reservations had changed

This is to inform that time limit (TL) has been modified to 6 hours for EMD’s issuance of seats associated to an issued ticket (1st issue) - previously, it was 30 minutes in these cases.

Other scenarios stay without alterations; hence, seats reserved through GDSs that have an associated cost will have a time limit to change from “reserved” status (HD/HN) to “paid” status (HI/HK) according to the following:

  • EMD for seats associated to a ticket already issued (1st issue): TL 6 hours after seat reservation.
  • EMD for seats associated to a reissued ticket (2nd issue onwards): TL 24 hours after seat reservation.
  • EMD for seats that must be re-associated to a reissued ticket:  TL 24 hours after seat reservation.

Keep in mind reservations of tickets in “reserved” status (HD/HN) will be automatically canceled after the TL and a new reservation must be booked according to the current seat availability.

This time limit (TL) does not apply to seats where the cost is waived (E.g. branded fares, passenger elite status, special services or group reservations).

This information is updated in the Ancillary Products section of LATAM Trade.