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Assistance Device - Orthopedic Positioning Device (OPD)

Standards are incorporated for the acceptance of Orthopedic Positioning Devices (OPD) for passengers that need postural control to travel.


The use of OPD devices will be allowed to any person that requires it as a postural support in Economy, Premium Economy or Premium Business cabin seats.


All flights operated by LATAM

Implementation date:

Since April 11th


  • Passengers who need to use the OPD during the trip are not subject to MEDIF procedure, unless they declare that they have some medical condition** that is subject to the processing of Medical Support .

  • Dependent** passengers must travel with a travel companion (caregiver) in 1-1 relation.

  • Passengers with OPD cannot be located in front of emergency exits and the seat belt must allow them to stay properly insured in the seat.

  • If itineraries have connection with other airlines, recommend the passenger contact the other operator to identify possible requirements.


Passengers departing from BR that need to travel with a travel companion (caregiver) must process a medical certification in all cases to access the discount allowed by law.

LATAM Trade Section:

The details of these devices will be updated in Special Passengers | Medical Devices from the date of implementation